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by Sandy

Saturday, June 24, 2006.

Wednesday I discovered a sad, little, shaved West Valley boy. Well, I rushed over this morning to the shelter and got him -- I couldn't wait to get him safely in my car.

This sweet boy - I am calling him Ferdinand - not only was covered with fox tails (the fox tails were everywhere, there are sores all over from them), but his previous owner left a collar on him that he outgrew. Around his neck there is very raw indentation where the collar was and there is a horrible large gaping wound at his throat where the buckle cut into him.

Although listed as three, Dr. Schultz says he is two at the very oldest, probably younger.

Apparently the collar was put on him when he was much younger. I can't imagine how terribly painful this must have been for him.

And yet he is the sweetest guy. Through all this abuse and neglect he never lost his Golden heart -- wagging his tail, smiling and kissing. And although he is shaved everywhere else, he still has, as you can see in the photo, his beautiful Golden face and what remains of his lovely red hair. He is going to be an absolutely gorgeous boy. He's a real cutey even now, naked or not!

August 10, 2006.

Update from the foster family..."Ferdinand is doing great! He plays so well with Charlotte. You'll see in the picture's, I keep all of their toys in a toy basket next to the couch, and it's the cutest thing: he goes and picks a toy from the toy basket, and then he and Charlotte play tug of war. It's so cute, cuz he'll drag Charlotte across the floor. He and Charlotte share toys so well, I can't even believe it."

Donations to assist with Ferdinand's medical care can be mailed to:

PO BOX 491209

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