1. Adopt a Golden Retriever! GRCGLA Rescue
    Adopt a Senior!
    Murphy is our third adopted senior. What can we say? We love the golden seniors! They are "laid back" pups that bring a fun energy to the home and lots of love. Don't be fooled by their age - it is only physiological. There are times our seniors can beat us up the stairs. What better way to support golden rescues than to provide a loving home to these beautiful creatures in their old age? Many are cast out, only to be left scared and lonely. Murphy will be 16 years April 1, and his birthday is appropriate because this senior is 16 years young. Theresa & Ted
  2. Adopt a Golden Retriever! GRCGLA Rescue
    We adopted Morgan on June 28, 2014. It had taken us about a year to be ready for another retriever since losing our 14-year-old Bear in 2013, but Morgan is the PERFECT dog for us, and we think he feels the same about us as his mom and dad! He's always happy, and when he wags his tail, his whole body moves like a rumba dancer! He was an owner surrender to the OC Animal Shelter, but the moment we saw his photo on their website, we knew he had to be ours. We were registered with GRCGLA, and we found out that they were already working on getting him out of the shelter. He was named "Mango" then, and GRC named him "Rango", but once he was ours, we changed all the letters around to call him "Morgan." We couldn't believe this wonderful dog had been surrendered to a shelter. He is perfectly trained on the leash, knows his basic commands, and is the sweetest, gentlest retriever EVER! We just think he was destined to be with us, and now, we can't imagine life without him. At first, he had some separation anxiety, but after six months, he's come a long way and doesn't mind being home alone for short periods. But since we're retired, that doesn't happen very often. Morgan runs errands with us, loves his car rides, his tons of toys, his three walks a day, and is a perfectly behaved guest when we travel and stay at hotels. We wouldn't dream of taking a trip without him. Thank you GRCGLA for helping us to bring home this loveable furry kid! Karen and Greg
  3. Adopt a Golden Retriever! GRCGLA Rescue
    Barley loving life!
    Barley (Rita's Michael) is loving life in So Cal! He came to life after his hip replacement surgery last year...he plays like a puppy again! He has many fans, including kids and other dogs, in our neighborhood. His favorite pastimes are multiple walks a day, shredding stuffed toys, napping on the porch, and massages! We love him dearly. Leslie & Chris
  4. Adopt a Golden Retriever! GRCGLA Rescue
    Bella - Adopted 5/16
  5. Adopt a Golden Retriever! GRCGLA Rescue
    Big Mac
    I wanted to share the story of McKinley 'Mac,' our newly rescued senior. We brought him home just about 3 weeks ago, and almost instantly, he became part of the family. People are shocked to find that he is 10 years old, because he has so much energy and is quite the looker. We are constantly saddened and surprised to imagine that he has gone through TWO families, but so incredibly grateful that he is with us now. How could anyone part with this perfect boy? He LOVES his toys (at least, the ones he doesn't rip apart!) and he loves rolling around in the grass and playing 'fetch.' He generally insists on jogging during his walks, but we have trained him to slow down a bit. He is a bit overweight, so we are working on getting him fit and trim. He loves everyone that he meets, and only barks when he hears a dog walking by. Yet, he loves meeting new dogs on his walks. Some of his nicknames include 'Big Mac' and 'Mac Attack,' and he already knows his new name. He continues to melt my heart every time I look at his sweet face, and we are SO blessed to have found him. I am so thankful to all those who helped make this happen, including Mac's foster mom and our PA, who both thought he was a match! Thank you, thank you, and thank you for all the wonderful volunteers and people who take in these animals! Now that Mac is with us, we cannot imagine a life without him. Jamie
  6. Adopt a Golden Retriever! GRCGLA Rescue
    Bodey - Adopted 3/16
  7. Adopt a Golden Retriever! GRCGLA Rescue
    Brandy & Kona
    Brandy & Kona Once upon a time, there were two golden retrievers, one was called Brock. Due to his beautiful color and his forever family Dad’s love of the beverage, he is now known as Brandy. Brandy is a completely calm laid-back, quintessential, “I want to please you now and forever” 3-year old Golden Retriever. The second was Kona (aka Fuji) a playful pup of 4 years whose primary focus is play, play and play closely followed by rolling in anything wet and mud, mud and mud. We should have named him “Pig- Pen”, but we will keep Kona. In November 2011 after the tragic loss of our Collie, Prince, our two remaining elderly dogs, 8 yr old Riley (Prince's brother), and Bear, our soon to be 20 year old black Lab/Chow (2 Dec) stopped eating and the atmosphere was very somber around the house. This is when Chris checked the internet and saw Brock starring back at her from the Internet pages of your Golden Retriever Rescue website. She fell in love with him right there when she saw his silly grin, wearing a bandana. After the home inspection the day drew near for the entire family to meet Brock in a parking lot near his shelter. The dogs got along right away. Brandy was very shy and frightened of everything especially our van; it was apparent that he was not used to riding in a vehicle. Try and stop him from going on a ride today, you will have a tough time holding this solid muscle 104-pound boy back. Wow, 104 pounds you are thinking, he has to lose weight, but you are mistaken, the vet checked him out and said that due to his daily 5-10 mile walks (rain or shine) Brandy is completely solid, with not an ounce of fat on him. He walks great on the leash (it took only a couple of days to train him) and responds to at least 30 verbal commands and a few hand signals without a problem. Brandy will be with us for one year on 19 November 2012. He loves to go on long walks, schmooze, cuddle, chase lizards and play with his new brother Kona. Brandy tries to stay relatively clean; he loves the water, but does not like the beach or salt water. He would like to chase ducks and rabbits more often, but his parents stop him with the wait and sit commands before he gets into trouble. At the very beginning he was able to chase the ducks and jump into the pond when both of his parents were distracted for just a moment – the boy can swim like a fish, but his parents did not enjoy the fishy odor or the green camouflage. Needless to say, we are keeping multiple close eyes on him when he is in our friends’ back yard that borders on a large pond. Kona just joined us on 6 October 2012, from day one he had no issues to jump into the van or walking into our house as if he owns it. He is bringing energy and life into the house and knows no end when it comes to chasing or retrieving a ball. He loves to go on walks with his brother Brandy and Mom, he has learned how to walk on the leash with occasional lapses of memory especially when he is exited or at the beginning of the walk. He is focused on the ball, play, loving strokes and training treats. He also loves to schmooze, cuddle, and dive into anything with a drop of water in it especially if it is muddy. He tries to chase the ducks on a popular golf course and jump into the pond, but so far he has not been successful. We absolutely love and enjoy both Brandy and Kona, they are wonderful and thank you, Golden Retriever Rescue of Greater Los Angeles, for finding good homes for needy rescues especially giving us the opportunity to share our home with amazing pups; their unconditional love and joy is our reward! Tony and Chris
  8. Adopt a Golden Retriever! GRCGLA Rescue
    Breeze - Adopted 2/16
  9. Adopt a Golden Retriever! GRCGLA Rescue
    Buttercup - Adopted 2/16
  10. Adopt a Golden Retriever! GRCGLA Rescue
    Charlie - Adopted 7/16
  11. Adopt a Golden Retriever! GRCGLA Rescue
    They used to call him “Whatchamacallit”, now his name is Corona. He’s a big happy guy, that’s for sure. He loves to sit on the first step of the pool, stick his head halfway in the water and blow bubbles. Well, that and eat…cozying is way up there, too. When I first brought him home I asked Barbara if he ever barked because he hadn’t in the weeks I had him. She told me that he was almost evicted from the vet (he was staying) with for making noise 24/7. Needless to say, all he does is whine if dinner doesn’t come up fast enough but he still doesn’t bark (unless he’s really excited). Normally, he’s just a big happy love pig looking for his next snack. He’s been a real treat and yes, you were right- he is the perfect dog for me. Thank you for all your help- he’s a real sweet guy. Brian Bevis
  12. Adopt a Golden Retriever! GRCGLA Rescue
    Corona: Winner of Hearts
    We adopted Corona (formerly "Biff") two months ago after losing our beloved Sonora of ten years. We knew that Wags (pictured here behind Corona) would be terribly sad and lonely as an only dog, so we moved very quickly and welcomed Corona in our home right away. This dear boy had been left at a shelter in the high desert until GRCGLA found him and began his rehabilitation process. Today he has gained some much-needed weight, his skin irritations are all better, and his seizures are under control with the proper medication. He is the dearest, sweetest and silliest boy one could ever imagine. He has won our hearts in such a short time and has already become a huge part of our family. He absolutely LOVES his squeaky toys (and those belonging to his sister Wags), he enjoyes fetching the tennis balls, and he loves swimming in the pool and the ocean! He happily responds to his many new names: Corona, Cory, Big Boy, etc. Whenever he is getting attention, his long golden tail is wagging and we know he is happy! Meg & Matt
  13. Adopt a Golden Retriever! GRCGLA Rescue
    Koto came to us as a foster in April 2013. He immediately made himself at home, so we had to adopt him. My son renamed him Doug. He has been on a diet ever since and has lost more than 15 pounds. He hates his diet and will eat anything (except carrots). When we say eat anything we mean anything. Doug is a gentle friendly soul, he makes regular visits to a assisted living facility and is the object of much affection with the old folks there. He definitely looks forward to the visits. He will also stand in front of an elementary school and greet all the children with total calm. Doug still loves car rides, trips to parks and hikes. Every person is his friend and, per Doug, should pet him. Everyone gets the gift of a little fur, Doug is the furmaster. We all love Doug, especially my son. We are now Doug’s pack and he is set for life with us. Thanks to the people at GRCGLA for saving Doug and making him available to us.
  14. Adopt a Golden Retriever! GRCGLA Rescue
    Duffy - adopted 2/16
  15. Adopt a Golden Retriever! GRCGLA Rescue
    Ebenezer - adopted 2/16
  16. Adopt a Golden Retriever! GRCGLA Rescue
    Everyone Loves Lucy
    Lucy came to us at 10 months old, full of energy. Now, 6 months later, she is completely settled and loving life, and we are loving having her here with us. Everybody who meets Lucy loves her - she even greets people with a wave (Pomeranian style!). If Lucy has a ball nearby, then she is more than happy. She will lie on the floor and 'wave' at it in the hope that it comes closer! When we first got Lucy, she would bring your sneakers to you (both of them) and set them down by your feet when it was time to go out! Now, she brings her leash to you in a neat little bow instead, sometimes with the addition of a ball at the same time! She knows all of the names of her stuffed animals, and if you tell her to go get one, she will run off and come back with the right one in her mouth, tail wagging hard, and looking very proud of herself!! A very smart girl indeed, and the most perfect addition to our family. Adopting a golden in the most amazing experience, and there are so many out there who still need good loving homes. If you're thinking about adopting a golden, do it, you won't regret it. You won't find a dog more loving and devoted than a golden! Beth, Michelle and Lucy
  17. Adopt a Golden Retriever! GRCGLA Rescue
    Hogan - adopted 5/16
  18. Adopt a Golden Retriever! GRCGLA Rescue
    Howie - adopted 5/16
  19. Adopt a Golden Retriever! GRCGLA Rescue
    Abby: Then & Now
    One year passed by since "Rubies" was found at the side of the road. She was one of the Shamrock Circle Fund rescue dogs. So I thought I will give you an up-date on our sweet little girl we all love so much. We adopted Rubies in October 2008. I still remember that day because we got a call from Enid to come and see her at the rescue shelter in Ontario. It happened that I was at work in Long Beach and not able to go and meet her. I was so afraid that someone else will get her so I send my fiancee to pick her up. You must know that when I saw her picture the first time on the internet I already knew that this is "my girl". I came home the next day and I cried when I saw her. She was malnourished, full of wounds, her fur was almost gone. We finished her course of antibiotics, bought her the best food and her own toys and were trying to comfort her in every way possible. She was adjusting just fine with her brother Marty, our other Golden and had no major problems getting used to her new family. We changed her name to Abby and she started responding to that. She loves long walks, snuggling on the couch with her stuffed toy, play with her canine brother Marty and hang out under the dinner table hoping something tasty will accidentally drop down. She will pick up all lost socks in our house, collect them and put all of them in her mouth and carry them around for the rest of the day. Her favorite sport is catching flies and digging big holes in the dog park. She is afraid of doors and will only walk through if it is wide open. Our sweet little girl gives us so much love, loyalty, happiness and joy every minute of our lives. We thank the GRGCLA Rescue to do such an amazing and emotionally hard work and appreciate all of the volunteers and members. We love our Abby so much and are grateful that she found a safe place in our family and our hearts. We signed up for the Dogtoberfest 2009 for the first time to meet all the other rescue brothers and sisters. Bettina and Cedric Tomacruz August 2009
  20. Adopt a Golden Retriever! GRCGLA Rescue
    I feel our family is whole again! After suffering the loss of our beautiful Golden Retreiver, "Boy", we all felt we needed to get another dog. When I saw Adonis's cute face on the website I knew in my heart he was the one. Then when we met him for the first time, at the Animal Hospital, I started to cry, because he looked just like "Boy" when he was a pup. We were all certain he was the one. In just one day I know he will fit in with our family perfectly! My daughter was laying down by him and said, "Mom, God must love us alot to have blessed us with Boy and now with Adonis". I agree! Thank you so very much, The McKeever Family
  21. Adopt a Golden Retriever! GRCGLA Rescue
    Howie, aka, Dash
    I have a very happy announcement to me. Our sweet Howie aka Dash, celebrated his 12th birthday today with the announcement of his official adoption by his foster mom, Alice. He came in to rescue in April 2009 when he was given up by his owner when he had to move and couldn't take care of him any longer. Dash had been hit by a car at the age of 2 and had traumatic injuries to his spinal cord necessitating the removal of his tail and he was incontinent. He was not picked up from the medical facility that had done all the surgery even though the massive bill had been paid. He then went in to a home that could take care of him until he was given up to our rescue. His foster mom now, Alice, said that this year when he turned 12, he was going to become an adopted dog and know that from now on he would be called Dash Trainor. Happy Birthday, Dash. I would like to thank Sue C., who initially fostered Dash when he came in to rescue. We got to know him very well and what a sweet, happy boy. I wish every dog that came in to our rescue had his terrific Golden Personality. Thanks to Lisamarie for being there for Alice when she need help in her area. Thanks, also, to Leslie for helping me by taking some supplies over for his care over the years. Dash is a true roll model for our rescue and has been a great representative as a Golden Ambassador over the years. Happy 12th Birthday, Dash. Thanks, Carole
  22. Adopt a Golden Retriever! GRCGLA Rescue
    Hudson - adopted 6/16
  23. Adopt a Golden Retriever! GRCGLA Rescue
    I Love My Brinkley
    I love my Brinkley. He came to fill a place that was empty in my heart. He is my constant companion in walks, rides, watching TV and sitting at the computer. He is as sweet and kind as he is beautiful. He is wonderful with Baby Alexander and he protects him by sleeping by his crib when he is visiting here. One of our favorite things to do is go on walks with Baby in stroller and Brinkley on leash and we just walk and walk and walk. Lucie
  24. Adopt a Golden Retriever! GRCGLA Rescue
    Jensen - adopted 6/16
  25. Adopt a Golden Retriever! GRCGLA Rescue
    McDonald - adopted 5/16
  26. Adopt a Golden Retriever! GRCGLA Rescue
    Merry - adopted 6/15
  27. Adopt a Golden Retriever! GRCGLA Rescue
    Dawson - Adopted 8/16
  28. Adopt a Golden Retriever! GRCGLA Rescue
    Jerry - Adopted 8/16
  29. Adopt a Golden Retriever! GRCGLA Rescue
    Oden - Adopted 9/16
  30. Adopt a Golden Retriever! GRCGLA Rescue
    Joanie - Adopted 9/16
  31. Adopt a Golden Retriever! GRCGLA Rescue
    Sugar - adopted 9/16
  32. Adopt a Golden Retriever! GRCGLA Rescue
    Chester - Adopted 10/16
  33. Adopt a Golden Retriever! GRCGLA Rescue
    Sweets - adopted 10/16
  34. Adopt a Golden Retriever! GRCGLA Rescue
    Tucker - adopted 10/16
  35. Adopt a Golden Retriever! GRCGLA Rescue
    Timothy - adopted 10/15
  36. Adopt a Golden Retriever! GRCGLA Rescue
    Driscoll - adopted 10/16
  37. Adopt a Golden Retriever! GRCGLA Rescue
    Unella - adopted 10/16
  38. Adopt a Golden Retriever! GRCGLA Rescue
    Dior - adopted 10/16
  39. Adopt a Golden Retriever! GRCGLA Rescue
    Louis - adopted 10/16
  40. Adopt a Golden Retriever! GRCGLA Rescue
    Cookie - adopted 10/16!
  41. Adopt a Golden Retriever! GRCGLA Rescue
    Hemingway - adopted 11/16
  42. Adopt a Golden Retriever! GRCGLA Rescue
    Janie - adopted 11/16
  43. Adopt a Golden Retriever! GRCGLA Rescue
    Vernon - adopted 11/16
  44. Adopt a Golden Retriever! GRCGLA Rescue
    Woodstock - adopted 11/16
  45. Adopt a Golden Retriever! GRCGLA Rescue
    Wonder - adopted 11/16
  46. Adopt a Golden Retriever! GRCGLA Rescue
    Bobby - adopted 12/16
  47. Adopt a Golden Retriever! GRCGLA Rescue
    Grace - adopted 12/16
  48. Adopt a Golden Retriever! GRCGLA Rescue
    Gwen - adopted 12/16
  49. Adopt a Golden Retriever! GRCGLA Rescue
    Sachi - adopted 12/16
  50. Adopt a Golden Retriever! GRCGLA Rescue
    Bindy - adopted 12/16
  51. Adopt a Golden Retriever! GRCGLA Rescue
    Coach - adopted 1/17
  52. Adopt a Golden Retriever! GRCGLA Rescue
    Scully - adopted 1/17
  53. Adopt a Golden Retriever! GRCGLA Rescue
    Lollipop - adopted 1/17
  54. Adopt a Golden Retriever! GRCGLA Rescue
    Unella - adopted 2/17
  55. Adopt a Golden Retriever! GRCGLA Rescue
    Dova - adopted 2/17
  56. Adopt a Golden Retriever! GRCGLA Rescue
    Cooter - adopted 2/17
  57. Managing Director
    Buster - adopted 2/17
  58. Adopt a Golden Retriever! GRCGLA Rescue
    Harriet - adopted 3/17
  59. Adopt a Golden Retriever! GRCGLA Rescue
    Mandy - adopted 3/17
  60. Adopt a Golden Retriever! GRCGLA Rescue
    Crystal - adopted 4/17
  61. Adopt a Golden Retriever! GRCGLA Rescue
  62. Adopt a Golden Retriever! GRCGLA Rescue
    Polly - adopted 5/17
  63. Adopt a Golden Retriever! GRCGLA Rescue
    Liberty - adopted 5/17