2017 Holiday Card eBay Auction

Holidays in October? Yes! Can you believe the holidays are right around the corner? Did you miss the opportunity to showcase ​your beautiful Golden Retriever in our calendar? Well, here is another chance...

We've got our sights set on the holidays and this year's holiday card...so don't miss this opportunity to debut your Golden Retriever Rescue and support GRCGLA Rescue at the same time! We are looking for one lucky winner to grace our 5"x7" Holiday card. So from October 8-15 you can compete with other Golden fans for your beautiful Golden to be our holiday ambassador! What a great way to show off your GRCGLA Rescue and your Golden spirit!

We will run one eBay auction and the winning bidder will receive a photo shoot and an 8"x10" rendering of the final piece, suitable for framing. Date and location for this photo shoot will be negotiated with the winning bidder. Photo shoot will be held in the greater Los Angeles area and transportation to the photo shoot location will be your responsibility.

Out of area bidders are welcome to participate, however, will be required to provide professionally rendered digital photos of sufficient pixel density so as to produce very sharp 8"X10" printed images. GRCGLA Rescue must approve the photos in advance. GRCGLA Rescue reserves the right to reject any submitted photo for any reason, including subject matter or appropriateness of theme.

Photo subjects MUST be purebred Golden Retrievers who have been rescued by GRCGLA Rescue. Golden Retrievers with their normal coats - no dogs with summer cuts or shaved coats will be permitted.

Thank you for your generosity, good luck and Happy Holidays!