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About Us

The Golden Retriever Club of Greater Los Angeles Rescue was incorporated as a tax exempt 501c(3), charitable foundation in 2001, but we’ve been an informal operation for many years, making us the oldest Golden Retriever Rescue organization in continuous operation in Southern California.

Long before the rescue was incorporated, members of the parent breed club, the Golden Retriever Club of Greater Los Angeles, were doing informal rescue work, rehoming displaced dogs and using its network of breeders, enthusiasts and families to help Goldens in need. Since its incorporation, GRGCLA Rescue has grown into a fully-sustainable, non-profit organization.

GRCGLAR has taken in over 4,800 Golden Retrievers since 2003 and our all-volunteer force numbers over 150 strong in six southern California counties. Although we stand ready to help any Golden Retriever in need, our commitment to the neediest cases, the old, the sick and the injured, remains unparalleled in the rescue community. With our ever-growing family of volunteers, adopters, foster homes and supporters, we’ve established a strong network of helping hands to ensure we’ll be there when we’re needed, and have made a lifetime commitment to all our dogs.

Our Board of Directors and volunteer team include folks with many years of experience with this breed in all different capacities, from breeding and showing, to training and dog sports such as obedience, agility, rally and hunting. Folks who are forced to relinquish their dogs due to death, divorce or financial downturn know that GRCGLAR has the experience, knowledge and expertise to make the best possible placement for their dog, and the organization’s stability and longevity provide their dog with the best possible safety net and assurances for a lifetime of help and protection.



PO Box 491209

Los Angeles, CA 90049






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