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Become a Volunteer

GRCGLARescue is 100% volunteer run by our more than 150 volunteers. There are a variety of ways to help our Goldens in need, see our volunteer opportunities below and apply to get involved today! Our area managers will respond to your application as soon as possible.

Home Visits: Visit home of adoption applicants. Using our checklist, assess situation of adoption family and home to help enable the best match placement of a dog with the potential adopter. Will look at family lifestyle, prior dog experience, safety, etc. We strongly encourage volunteers to bring their dog friendly ambassador along on the visit to view people and resident pet reactions.

Fostering: Provide a safe, temporary home environment for rescued dogs to rest, recuperate and prepare to meet their forever homes. Provide food a comfy place to sleep and love. (Note: Rescue will cover medical expenses and special needs). Provide insights and feedback to the Placement Assistants/Dog Rep to enable the best permanent match for the dog. Be available and conduct adoption meeting.

Transporting dogs: Provide safe transportation, in your vehicle, upon request. It could involve driving from one boarding facility to another, from boarding to a foster home, from a foster home to an adoption meeting, etc.

Fundraising: Team with other volunteers on events and campaigns. Or suggest a campaign, write a mini proposal, submit to the Board of Directors for approval, and run the campaign. We are always looking for fresh ideas! Assist with Grant writing. Can perform activities at home.

Shelter scout: Check shelter websites for available Golden Retrievers. Visit shelters to assess temperament, bloodline (i.e. purebred, mix, or not remotely a Golden). With Board of Director’s approval, “pull” dog from shelter and arrange transportation to assigned veterinary for medical checkup.

​​Dog walking/socializing: Visit dogs boarding at vet offices and/or other facilities. Walk dogs, spend time socializing (talk, scratch belly, etc.) with dog. Assess behavior when passing other dogs, pulling, limping, etc. Provide feedback to Foster Coordinator to enable best foster match. Walking can be AM or PM (afternoon), once a week, or several shifts/week.

Follow up with recent adopters: Reach out to recent adopters to welcome them into Rescue family and assess whether they might volunteer in the future. Can be performed at home.

Special events: Join other volunteers in fairs, expos, etc. Bring your Golden “Ambassadogs” and educate visitors on our Rescue process, sources of our rescues, Golden temperaments, etc.

Marketing and PR: Help develop a comprehensive Marketing Plan. If you are social media savvy, help Rescue get the word out about our activities. Help with a newsletter, website upgrade/development, etc. Can be performed at home.

Education & Outreach: Join the Outreach Committee. Assess ideas for greater exposure, obtaining sponsorships, educating the public on Golden ownership and expectations, etc.

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