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Will you be my Shamrock?

Updated: Feb 19

GRCGLA Rescue established the Shamrock Circle

Fund to help our most needy Goldens; the older,

sick, injured, and severely abused who require

medical care and behavioral training.

You can make 2024 a special year by helping our

special Golden Retrievers with a one-time or monthly tax-deductible


It is so easy to become a much-needed Shamrock Circle Fund donor. You can become a donor on our Shamrock Blog Page, where you can read heartwarming stories and see pictures of the Golden Retrievers we have helped over the years; all made possible by our generous and caring Shamrock Circle Fund Donors.

  1. Click the Green Donate button.

  2. Choose to either make monthly donations or select a one-time donation using your Credit Card or PayPal. You may also prefer to send a check to GRCGLA Rescue marked "Shamrock Circle Fund."

  3. That is all there is to it! You have joined the select group of Shamrock Circle Fund Donors.

The Golden Retriever Club of Greater Los Angeles Rescue is so grateful to all our Shamrock

Circle Fund Donors for choosing to donate. This is a wonderful way to help our special needs dogs who require support throughout the year. These dogs count on compassionate people like you to turn their life around. With your support, they can live their best life; healthy, happy, and in loving “forever homes.”

Please join us by becoming a Shamrock Circle Fund Donor today in honor of our Golden

Retrievers and Saint Patrick’s Day. As a special thank you, all donors will receive a special Golden Retriever kitchen magnet in the mail.

Golden Retriever Club of Greater Los Angeles Rescue and our Golden Retrievers THANK YOU!

Gerri Monohan, GRCGLA Rescue President

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The Shamrock Circle

The Shamrock Circle Fund was established in 2003 by a gracious adopter to fund extraordinary medical and emergency expenses for purebred Golden Retrievers.

Through this fund, we are able to help the neediest Goldens: the sick, the injured, the severely abused and the elderly.


Shamrock donors make monthly pledges for which every dollar donated to this fund is spent only on these special needs Goldens.

Join the Shamrock Circle today by signing up for monthly donations or make a one-time donation.

Thank You Donors

Loraine DeLeon
Eileen McArrow
Nelson Simmons
Marty Friedman
Mary Fry

John and Linda Muckel

Karin Matsuda
Nick Damato

Leslie Bratspis

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