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Atom-adoption pending

3 mo. old, male

Atom is an adorable 3 month old puppy. He was surrendered to us and immediately went into the hospital with Parvovirus. He was pretty sick, but proved to be a fighter. He weighs about 14 pounds, but should add weight quickly, now that he is eating normally again. Currently, he is in a foster home to continue his recovery.

Of course he is cute, especially now that he can start acting like a puppy, barking for attention, wagging his tail, playing tug, etc.. And he LOVES belly rubs. Pretty soon he may get into puppy mischief, like chewing, jumping, and occasional accidents. So don’t apply for him unless you are prepared! He will need to be isolated from other dogs for 3-4 months, until he has his full set of puppy vaccines. Having his own backyard will be important for him for the next few months. He is going to be one great Golden dog.

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