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Cinder - ADOPTED!

7 yr old, male

Meet Cinder, the metamorphosis dog. He was extremely fearful coming out of a shelter. After

spending time with our volunteers, socializing in a boarding facility and spending time in a foster home, he is such a relaxed gentleman now.

Cinder loves his walks and play time, but enjoys lounging in his bed, or next to family members, in any room they occupy. He has been very gentle with his fosters’ 8 year old child. He is quiet and doesn’t bark or react to noises. No vacuum cleaner fear here. He doesn’t beg for food. He is house/crate trained. He hasn’t exhibited separation anxiety. He just rests when his family leaves. He is a quick learner. He only needs to be told “no” once. He currently is asked to stay off the furniture, which he does, but that rule is up to his adopter.

He is a healthy 7 year old boy and weighs about 54 pounds. He prefers slow approaches. Let him sniff you first. Once he knows you (he can be bribed with treats!), he might stand on his hind legs to hug you or kiss your face. He likes to chase after a tennis ball and hold onto it. When he finally gives it back, he is ready for another chase. Or he may just carry his little white lamb around. He prefers bigger dogs to smaller ones. We are not sure of his attitude with cats, but can probably be trained to be courteous.

Cinder would make a great addition to your family. He is sweet and loving and just wants someone to

love him back.

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