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1 yr old, male

Meet our 1 year old love bug Clay! We rescued this boy from an overcrowded shelter when his time was nearly up and we are so glad we did as he is fun and loving pup!  Clay weighs 46 pounds so he is a medium sized boy.  Clay LOVES people and has been friendly and loving with all of the staff at our vet’s office and volunteers.  He especially loves it when he can lay down with you and get a belly rub.  Clay is a very smart and active pup.  He has already learned many commands like sit, shake and high five.  He also walks very well on leash!  We have trained him using a Sidekick leash/collar which makes walking him a piece of cake.  However, hold tight to that leash because Clay is Expert Level lizard and squirrel hunter and loves to pounce in bushes to try and get a critter.  Clay has met many dogs and does well with them.  He is becoming a more confident pup every day and he will thrive in an active home with a big yard to run around in and someone who will continue the excellent training he has already received.  He truly is a bitchin dog and whoever adopts him will have a very loving and loyal buddy for life.

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