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Dexter - ADOPTED!

5 years old, male

Our lovable Golden Deceiver, Dexter, is about 5 years old and weighs 80 pounds.  Dex came to us from a shelter with his buddy.  Dexter was so happy on his freedom ride that he licked our volunteer’s ears the whole way to our vet’s office.  We got him all checked out and he was in perfect health though he needed to lose a few pounds.

We knew we had a really cool dog on our hands but one that needed a bit of training so that is what we got for him!  Dex is now one of the most well behaved dogs you could imagine.  He has lived with a trainer who partners with our rescue and has the best manners ever.  He is still a bit of a goofball at times but that is why makes him so endearing.

Dex is looking for a home that will take him on lots of outings (Dex recently spent the day at church where he mingled with the parishioners getting belly rubs), take him on long walks, and let him snuggle on the couch with you preferably watching football - his favorite sport.  Many people pass on Dex without even meeting him just because he doesn’t look like a Golden. However this boy has a total Golden heart.  All you have to do is meet him and he will show it to you.

Can you spare a few dollars to help offset rising veterinary costs and other expenses? Click here to help care for dogs in our program.

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