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Disney Puppies

5 mos. old, male/female

Meet our Disney Pups!  We have 5 girls - Tinker bell, Bo Peep, Cinderella, Dory & Belle and 4 boys - Flounder, Sully, Prince Charming and Thumper.  They are 5 months old and all weigh about 40 pounds.  They are sweet and lovely pups but did not get the socialization they needed as puppies.  When they came to us they were scared of everything. They are currently at a fantastic veterinary office where they are now getting tons of love and attention from the caring doctors and staff and also our team of volunteers.  We are spending time with them and they are blossoming as they learn to trust and get more confident with people.  The Disney Pups LOVE other dogs and cats and take great comfort from each other.  A home with other dogs who are confident and can show a nervous pup the ropes would be ideal.  Whoever adopts these pups will need to be gentle, kind, patient and ready to continue the positive training we have started with these pups.  Being in a home will be a whole new experience for them but they are fast learners and thriving with all of the care they are receiving.

Can you spare a few dollars to help offset rising veterinary costs and other expenses? Click here to help care for dogs in our program.

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