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Kenzie - ADOPTED!

15 mos. old, female

Meet our lovely 15 month old cream golden gal, Kenzie.  Kenzie is a very loving and sweet pup who needs a very special home.  Kenzie is diabetic.  She has been receiving excellent medical care to manage her diabetes and is now ready to go to a home that will continue to manage her care .  She is a petite gal and currently weighs 26 pounds .  Since her diagnosis and her top of the line care she has put on several pounds and she needs to put on several more. Her appetite is excellent but proper nutrition for her is a must.  Kenzie will require a home that will be committed and consistent with her treatment.  She will require insulin shots 2 times a day.  She is a very good girl when getting her shots and doesn’t fuss about them at all.  We are fine tuning Kenzie’s treatment so that her new owner will will know exactly what her needs and dosages are.  Here is a great article about diabetes in dogs:,type%20of%20diabetes%20in%20dogs.

Kenzie would love a home where her humans are home most of the time.  She has lived with multiple other dogs.  Her favorite thing to do is snuggle with her family whether it be on the couch or in bed. She is a very gentle spirit who rolls over for belly rubs and gives soft kisses.  We are very optimistic about her future as most dogs with controlled diabetes have a good quality of life with few symptoms of disease.

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