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2 yrs old, female

Meet Marnie, our beautiful 52 lbs., 2 year-old “puppy.” She is cautious at first with new people, but will jump for joy once she knows the person. She has high energy and will be a great walk, hike, run partner. She is smart, playful, loves belly rubs and a good game of tug. And, of course, she will rest quietly at your feet on a comfy bed.

Marnie is a rambunctious player with other dogs. Short play dates, extended family dog visits and dog park excursions are suitable. But her play demands with a co-habiting dog can be overwhelming. So, we will place her in a home where she is the only resident fur baby. And no young children. A yard is a plus, as is a willingness to provide additional training. If you are active, and willing to go slow on introducing new experiences and people, she will be a loving companion and bring joy to your home.

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