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Marshmello Milo - ADOPTED!

12 yrs old, male

Meet the most adorable and loving boy ever, Marshmallow Milo!  This dapper senior was dumped at a shelter after living his entire life with the family that adopted him because of “lifestyle changes”. He is 12 years old and weighs 51 pounds though he needs to lose a few pounds.  Well this boy did not belong at a shelter so we took him immediately and we adore him!  Milo is in a lovely foster home with another resident pup and doing fantastic.  He loves going on walks and sniffing and smelling all the plants and flowers.  He enjoys meeting other people and dogs and the cutest thing about him is his tail never stops wagging!  He is a very easy pup to have in your home.  

Being the older dog that he is and, because of the neglect he suffered, Milo has a few medical issues and will need to take a couple meds likely for the rest of his life.  So whoever adopts him needs to be prepared to give him good quality food, a couple pills a day and just love love love on him for the rest of his life!  He will pay you back in spades because all he wants to do is love you back.  He is a gem!

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