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6 mo. old, female

Here is our beautiful desert flower, Mojave.  She is 7 months old and weighs about 35 pounds.  Mojave is a lovely girl and blossoming in rescue.  She came to us very scared of people and it is likely someone was cruel to her.  Early on in life, her front leg was injured and it has healed.  Our vets and specialist have examined it and determined that she does not require any treatment for it as it is not painful.  You can see a little Giddy-up in her walk, but she gets around just fine.  Mojave is currently at Doggie Disneyland where she gets to spend her day in group play. She loves playing with both big and small dogs as you can see from the video.  She also is interacting with lots of people and working closely with a trainer who is helping her build her trust and confidence in people and the outside world.  She has come so far with rescue and will need a home who will continue to provide her with the security, patience and training she needs.  Whatever lucky family adopts her will be able to meet Mojave with her trainer to learn all about her and what she needs to do well in her new home.  It is a win win!

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