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Sadie - ADOPTED!

9 yrs old, female

Here is our sweet Sadie named so in honor of Sadie Hawkins Day!  This darling golden is between 8 & 9 years old and weighs 58 pounds.  Sadie likely spent most of her time tending to puppies but those days are behind her!  She is spayed and eating lots of good food and we can’t wait to see what she looks like once her coat has grown in and she has put on some much needed weight.  Sadie is very affectionate and greets all of our volunteers with a smile and wagging tail.  She LOVES her walks!!  Honestly, you would never suspect she is 8 or 9 because this girl has energy!  Sadie can pull when first out of the kennel but settles down and walks very nicely once she has been out for a bit.  She does zigzag a bit but that’s because she is smelling everything. Sadie would like a home that will take her on lots of walks and then let her hang out on a big soft bed for her beauty rest.

We can’t believe Sadie is still with us!  She is absolutely Mary Puppies…practically perfect!  So nice to walk and she did great meeting another dog today.  She certainly is ready for and deserves the very best home ever.

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