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7 yr old, male

Say Hi to Sharkey. This 7 year old boy does not prowl the deep seas, just the space under your table. He

was surrendered to Rescue because his family did not have enough time to give him the life he

deserved. He is pretty interesting. He will sometimes act his age, walking with dignity and taking over

the sofa or space under your feet. At other times, he is more puppy-like, grabbing toilet paper rolls and

raiding trash cans. He can be charming with you at home, but bark at people approaching his territory,

until you let him know it is okay. Who needs a Ring camera when you have Sharkey?

Sharkey loves his belly rubs. He could let you go on forever. He is great with people, but is dog reactive,

so he should be the only dog in a home. He is a little sad now because he is due for some scheduled

medical procedures and residing in boarding. Do you have a place in your heart to offer a well-deserved

foster or permanent home? Sharkey will repay you with loving companionship!

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