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Bayley is already making good progress!

Bayley is staying at the speciality orthopedic hospital for several days so the surgeons can keep an eye on him and ensure he is healing correctly. He is able to get up on his own to drink water and eat. He isn’t putting much weight on his leg just yet, but as he heals, we look forward to gradual changes each day.

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The Shamrock Circle

The Shamrock Circle Fund was established in 2003 by a gracious adopter to fund extraordinary medical and emergency expenses for purebred Golden Retreivers.

Through this fund, we are able to help the neediest Goldens: the sick, the injured, the severely abused and the elderly.


Shamrock donors make monthly pledges for which every dollar donated to this fund is spent only on these special needs Goldens.

Join the Shamrock Circle today by signing up for monthly donations through PayPal.


Thank You Donors

Nelson Simmons
Elizabeth Stilwagen
Lois Bernstein
Eileen Mc Arow
Beth Long
Patti White
Kate Weybret
Sandy Pister
Tina Oswald-Bechtel
Lorraine De Leon

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