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2023 Message from the President

As I reflect back on this year, I hold in my heart many warm thoughts of the work our rescue volunteers have done.  We have had a year of helping many goldens and goldens at heart dogs who had no other chance in life until GRCGLARescue came to their rescue.  Without all of your help these dogs had no chance in life. 

I’m truly grateful for the support  and love you have shared.  We are a group of volunteers who gives to promote the care and well-being of each dog we rescue. We never leave a broken needy golden retriever behind.

During this season of giving please keep GRCGLARescue in mind as you make your year end donations and gifts.  Our goldens and goldens at heart dogs need your support as we continue to help the most needy.

The GRCGLARescue Board and I thank each of you for your support to continue our mission to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome. 

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and best wishes for a wonderful holiday season.

Gerri Monohan


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Terms and Conditions of Submitting Content

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The Shamrock Circle

The Shamrock Circle Fund was established in 2003 by a gracious adopter to fund extraordinary medical and emergency expenses for purebred Golden Retreivers.

Through this fund, we are able to help the neediest Goldens: the sick, the injured, the severely abused and the elderly.


Shamrock donors make monthly pledges for which every dollar donated to this fund is spent only on these special needs Goldens.

Join the Shamrock Circle today by signing up for monthly donations or make a one-time donation.

Thank You Donors

Loraine DeLeon
Eileen McArrow
Nelson Simmons
Marty Friedman
Mary Fry

John and Linda Muckel

Karin Matsuda
Nick Damato

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