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Love: From Start to Finish

Updated: Jan 20

It's not often we hear back from adopters after a successful placement. Time marches on and each family grows with the warmth and affection of newly rescued golden retriever. Holiday memories come and go, wonderful moments that seem so fleeting.

So when a past adopter reaches out to tell the impact of our golden retriever on their lives, it touches every volunteers heart. Read on as we tell this beautiful story of our Coltraine (named Jack) as the family relays his story....


I just wanted to write and thank you for giving my family the greatest gift we have had. Twelve years ago you allowed us to adopt Jack who at the time was called Coltraine. He was one at the time. We had him for 12 years of pure love and connection. Jack was not just a dog, he was a protector, best friend and kind spirit. He was a very very special soul who used this lifetime to bring joy to everyone who knew him. He had a special howl he used just when he saw my Mom. My daughter and him spent his lifetime whispering secrets to once another. He slept spooned up with my son. He had a german shepherd/golden retriever sister who was his right paw and as he aged, she helped him with everything.

A year ago he was diagnosed with cancer. We were hesitant to put him on chemo if it was just about us keeping him alive but he had a very very good bonus year and was thriving. The cancer even went into remission.

A few weeks ago that shifted. He went downhill quickly and we had to to what we promised him that we would do and not keep him around just because we wanted him to never leave. He told us very clearly that his body wasn’t working and that it was his time to move on and he would always be with us. For three days it was a backyard parade of all of the people that love him. HIs girl built him a blaknet nest and we sat in the sun while family came and went. They held him and told him all that he means. It was beautiful and heart breaking. We helped him to transition in his favorite sunny spot, all of our family holding him and each other.

We will never be able to thank you enough for bringing our Jack to us. He was our land angel. We are all in mourning including his dog sister. I am hopeful that we will be able to find another special soul from your rescue to cherish. Thank you for all that you do.


Run free Jack, and thank you for being part of all our lives... :-(

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