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Meet Bayley - hit by car and abandoned

Bayley is just a bit over a year-old. He came in to Rescue unable to stand, with a compound fracture in his right leg. He was found stray on the street in the San Diego area. The people who found him and turned him over to Rescue reported that they were able to contact his owners; the owners stated Bayley was hit by a car and, since they did not have the means to pay for his care, they abandoned him. He is now one of our Shamrock Dogs. We immediately had x-rays and a full work up done, including a MRI. He will need surgery and 6-8 weeks of very limited movement and rest. His prognosis is good.

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The Shamrock Circle

The Shamrock Circle Fund was established in 2003 by a gracious adopter to fund extraordinary medical and emergency expenses for purebred Golden Retrievers.

Through this fund, we are able to help the neediest Goldens: the sick, the injured, the severely abused and the elderly.


Shamrock donors make monthly pledges for which every dollar donated to this fund is spent only on these special needs Goldens.

Join the Shamrock Circle today by signing up for monthly donations or make a one-time donation.

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